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Welcome to Cadool.com - the Architectural CAD Search Engine

An Architectural resource providing an online library of construction product CAD drawings, instantly available for you to download directly into your own drawings. So why not save yourself time and money and start using today!


cadool.com is absolutely free to the architectural marketplaceThere is no cost involved in either registering or downloading.


We created cadool because chasing individual manufacturers for their drawings is time consuming and frustrating. We felt the answer was one simple source, basically an architectural search engine, a sort of Google of construction industry CAD drawings.


Therefore the aim of the site is to assist specifiers in sourcing and correctly detailing their construction drawings. We have worked closely with architects and technicians in developing the functionality and display features of the site and as a consequence it has been specifically engineered to the requirements of those end users. However we are constantly striving to enhance the service so we will always be open to any suggestions you would like to put forward that you feel would improve the cadool experience.




  • It offers an extensive CAD library with a simple to use search and download functionality.

  • It offers three search options, including a simple word search.

  • It offers an impressive preview / enlargement feature.

  • It offers the ability to download in multiple formats, be they dwg, dxf or jpeg. 

  • It offers, as part of the service, that should a user not be able to find what they are looking for then they can instruct us via the website to source it for them. 

This new resource is here to save everyone working in our industry time and money and in today’s world we all need a bit of that. So why spend valuable time tracking down manufacturers and their drawings when you can just cadool the problem away?

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